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Wanna know what's in store for you on our 31st Foundation Day?

Take a look of our activities and make sure to plot them out on your schedule.

Holy Mass

Mass is the main Eucharistic liturgical service in line of the celebration of the 31st Founding Anniversary of Westbridge.

holy mass1.jpeg

Festive Parade with Dinagyang Warriors

Watch the four houses showing their streetdance highlighted with the Dinagyang warriors.

Family Fiesta Games

Witness the Westbridge families enjoy and reminisce the traditional Larong Pinoy.

fiesta game.jpeg

Panyaga sa Piyesta

A perfect way to celebrate the 31st Foundation Day of the school with your family. Join the festive lunch of different houses.

Variety Show sa Udto

Witness the talents of the Sirs to be highlighted after the Festive lunch. Aside from the Sirs, be amazed by the big talents of the Voyagers.



Enjoy and win cash prizes! Let's shout BINGO!

Championship Games

Moms and Dads are ready to show what they've got to snatch the championship trophy for basketball and volleyball. While alumni, Dads, and Sirs will have a friendly football match.

championship games.webp
disco derby.webp

Disco Derby

80's is back and we are ready to groove! If you are in Westbridge, you should know how to move. Who will emerge as champions in this year's tight dance competition? 

Raffle Draw

Win great prizes while helping the school raise funds for the school Van. Your 100 pesos will go places in "On the Way Raffle!"


Digamo sa Piyesta

Fiesta is here! Taste, smell, and witness the traditional cooking techniques for the Digamo sa Piyesta.

Film Festival

We don't just raise intellectuals but talented artists with a heart. This is PANAKAYON II, honing future film makers in the country.



The most awaited sports event is back! The clash of the four houses can be witnessed in the different sports event before the Foundation Day celebration.


Moms’ Volleyball,
Dads’ Basketball,
Sports Festival

Who says they can't dribble, can't spike, can't serve, or can't shot? Presenting the Moms and Dads showing their skills in most awaited volleyball and basketball match. Cheers and yells all you can hear!



Perya is back, is back better and bigger! Ride Viking and play some perya games.

Game Room

If e-sports is your thing, join the Game Room and play in cozy couches and play exciting games.

game room.jpeg

Bouncy House

Jump! Run! Slide! Bouncy is back!

Jail Booth

Fun in the jail? If not, get your immunity pass before it is gone!

Jail booth.jpeg
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